REVIEW: Blackstar Book One

Blackstar book one
Written by: Mike Lynch
Art by: Dwayne Moloney, Trystan Mitchell
Published by: Abandoned Comics
Cost: €2 (download here)
Blackstar book one
Beginning life a few years ago as part of the Irish language anthology Rí-Rá, Blackstar never completed its run there, and the release of book one marks its arrival as a completed story. Or at least a completed first issue. And for those who spent more time in the pursuit of sleep than knowledge in their school years -no need to worry, it’s no longer as gaeilge, but in nice, user-friendly English.
Blackstar book one features two stories; the main Blackstar comic, which is preceded by the six page ‘Origins’. Both stories are written by Abandoned Comics co-founder Mike Lynch. Main story art is by Dwayne Moloney, and Origins by Trystan Mitchell. Mitchell’s art is clean-lined, colourful and bright, with an eye for expression and humour that makes this shorter story the highlight of the book. Its six pages are a take on a Green Lantern type origin story, but one that is lifted immensely by its sense of humour and light tone. At just six pages it far from outstays its welcome, and again, Mitchell’s illustration and sense of timing really makes the humour sing.
The longer, main story is similar in tone, being an all ages take on a superhero story. It follows two young teens, one of whom is hit by a comet and emerges charged with super-powers. Which would be a lot easier to enjoy if this didn’t bring him into immediate conflict with some shadowy military types. Dwayne Moloney’s art is markedly different to Mitchell’s, employing a more brash style in his lines and far moodier colouring. Where he really excels though is in lighting and effects –energy beams, explosions and powers are all done with aplomb.
Blackstar book one is a fun all-ages superhero book; with none of the darker overtones or irony that go hand in hand with today’s superhero comics. Clocking in at over 40 pages of story, it’s also a good value download.