NEWS: Wolfman Productions To Rise From The Ashes In 2013

ICN received a bit of welcome news from Eugene Byrne, founder of Wolfman Productions, in which we learned that the Dublin company is to begin production of new material once again in 2013.
Formed in 2000 by Byrne but not in production for some time now Wolfman boasts some familiar names to ICN readers in its archives including former art director Gary Reynolds and ‘driving force’ and assistant editor Hilary Lawler.
Now, under the direction of Editor in Cheif Byrne, New Hampshire based lead editor George Amaru, familiar to some with his time at Grayhaven and also editor, letterer and inker Franzisca Guedel, there are four new issues lined up for release.
Wolfman Productions has also embraced the digital medium. A joint venture with partner company,  Amaru Studios, their new anthology ‘Havoc 21 Presents’ will be headlined by three rotating lead features,  accompanied by 4-8 page back-up stories.  Each issue will be released digitally on  a variety of formats, with print issues available within one week of the digital  release.
ICN will be going more in depth with cover art of the new issues soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more information on this positive news story.