2DCAST EPISODE 23: Star Trek The Next Generation writer Dennis Bailey

Greetings Space Cadets. Despite the world having changed in many historic ways since the last episode , we continue to pump out the same old gubbins. We discuss Marvels recent folly, the brand new Pope, Kick Ass 2 trailer, recent comics sales figures and plenty more besides. We are also very lucky to have as our guest Sci Fi writer  Dennis Bailey , who takes time from his vacation ( or as we in Europe call it  “holiday”) to tell about how his history as a fan led to him writing for Star Trek The Next Generation. This is an awesome interview folks that I had to cut to shreds because of time constraints we had to cut to shreds . Dennis had a lot of interesting things to say , therefore, we will have an unedited version of this interview on Irish Comics News later this week.
Reviewed in this episode:
Fearless Defenders Issue 2 by Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney
Alpha : Big Time Issue 1 by
More Than Meets The Eye issue 14
The Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen
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