50 Reasons to love Ireland – No.5 IRISH SUPERHEROES!!

5 reasons

A range of covers and panels from the artists and writers mentioned in ’50 Reasons to love Ireland’

Well begorrah!
Would you look at the top 5 in the ’50 reasons to love Ireland’ section of The Irish Times.  It seems that despite the gloom, miserably relentless rain and endless IMF conversations there is a silver lining of hope in the form of the great comics we produce.
Phil Barrett, Paddy Lynch, Rob Curley, Cathal Duggan and Gar Shanley get a wonderful mention in The Irish Times as well as The Comic Cast crew Craig O’Connor and Liam Geraghty, as part of a great list of reasons to love Ireland despite the ‘knee deep in it..’ that we find ourselves in.
Of course ICN and all the people that visit the site know this already…but isn’t nice to see it listed in a top 50?
Check out the article via the link here: http://www.irishtimes.com/50-reasons-to-love-ireland-1.1327674