INTERVIEW: Eugene Byrne Talks To ICN About Wolfman Productions Return

Late last week we highlighted Wolfman Production were to begin releasing new material once more in 2013. Wolfman chief Eugene J. Byrne spoke with ICN to out the record straight about the welcome return of the Dublin founded company.
Eugene began by telling us about where Wolfman stood in the last couple of years, “I’ll start off by saying that we’ve not just begun production again recently.  In fact, we never stopped.  When we ‘disappeared’ it was because I went off to America to expand both Wolfman and my own personal life.”
Byrne told us about the importance of getting a foothold sateside, ” I always felt we needed a footprint in the U.S.  I networked both in U.S. Comic stores and internet social sites, building up a list of connections.  I recruited fresh talent.  Our home team reformatted themselves and followed their dreams, so, I did the same with the company.  But never stopping, kept on producing and archiving.  Then I got married.”
Byrne outlined the current editorial staff at Wolfman that came together while in the US, “Soon after George (Amaru,  Lead Editor), came on board, he’s incredibly talented and goal orientated. Franzisca (Guedel, Editor/Letterer/Inker) joined a little later, and again she’s a driven professional with a single mind for what she wants!”
Perhaps Wolfman’s best known release was Havoc 21 which will still be a majo part of Wolfman’s return as Eugene explained, “I considered scrapping it in favour of single character comics but I had collected a diverse group of up-and-coming new talent all working on anthology material for us. So, George suggested reformatting, add ‘Presents’ to the title then incorporating the single character comic with an additional story or two at the end. As a result of that we have so much produced, I’d say there is five new issues since we last released.  Plus George produced our first Omnibus of the original 5. With an all new cover for the Omnibus penciled and painted by myself.”
Wolfman had a soft release in 2011 of the Omnibus in digital form so the new recruits could see the caliber that waould be pushed for. Byrne concluded, “We laid down the ground work for distribution in Ireland and U.S. But we have to finalize the new release dates and locations. Those eager to check out our hard work the comics are available online.  Our website has also gone through a serious overall as well.  There is a lot to cover but I’ll get to that as we release to the stores.”
Finally Byrne left the door open to prospective talent by saying, “Let me add that we are always looking for new talent!”
As Wolfman ramp up towards the aforementioned releases, keep an eye on ICN for any future updates.