NEWS: MINDPUSS 2 release date set for April 2013!

Mindpuss 2 is the latest comic from small-press cartoonist Ronan Kennedy and in his own words below, it makes for monsterous  reading and is not for the light hearted!  Describing it as his darkest, most visceral publication to date, it consists of four stories: ‘The Watch’, ‘Jerry Hoon & His Raccoon’, ‘Vantwisty’, and ‘Sad Dog  & The Phantom Menace’.
Vantwisty is a nightmarish abomination of an entity. Let us pray that
we never have the misfortune to cross his path and fall victim to his
unholy evil practices and supernatural horrors. Make no mistake:
Vantwisty is a monstrous bastard. Beware!
Forty-seven pages of brand new Mindpuss might leave you lopsided but
you will most certainly want more.
Also comes with a soundtrack cd for a complete multimedia experience.
Due for release mid April.
Check for updates.
Teaser trailer for the upcoming comic:
Health and Safety Video for pronouncing Vantwisty :