PODCAST: SUNNYSIDE COMICS s04e05 Dec & Jordie in the HOUSE!

FROM: http://www.sunnysidecomics.com/s04e05-dec-jordie-in-the-house/
(Ron’s house, specifically)
This week’s show we’ve been joined by the lovely Declan Shalvey and the equally lovely Jordie Bellaire.
We talk comics, a little bit of craft, breaking in and Dec manfully keeps the show on an even keel by insisting on finishing questions even though PJ as ever, has a child like attention span.
Scott could have stayed at home and just listened to this one, but he was there, honest (though I think he wakes up at the end) Ron pretended to be professional, and Jordie put up a brave face in what can only be described as an hour and a half of the usual tomfoolery.
And, if you’ve time, you should totally watch the following shennanigans produced by Ron – with some help from PJ.
And here’s Dec’s appearance on RTE, you’ll want to skip ahead to about 44 minutes in where we join our hero discussing the various serious questions of the day (not really: it’s about comics)
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And extra special thanks to Dec and Jordie for coming on, and for Stephen Mooney and his wife Jac for coming down to Belfast for a top notch fun evening out! Sorry we didn’t record that bit for the podcast, it was great!