UPCOMING: Gareth Cummins 'New Era CMX'

The end of the month will herald a new web comic from Gareth Cummins with the idea being that 10 pages of story will be published online each
month. The first story is called ‘PRESIDENTIAL’ which is a raw look at the President of the United States of America, Steve Bergin. “Steve is a well liked liberal president serving his first term and working towards a second. However, Steve is a psychopath and regularly kills homeless men and female prostitutes. This story will chronicle his rise and fall and the hope of rising again.” Cummins tells ICN.
Dublin native Cummins will be writer of the material with a rotating set of artists for each story line. The first artist on this project is Jenena Dordevic – Maksimovic from Serbia and the colourist is Paul Duffy.
Cummins elaborated on the first story line, “We follow Steve from the oval office to the back alleys of Washington DC where he and his faithful Secret Service agent “Orange” are involved in torture, murder and a host of other despicable crimes all the way to high security prison where Steve becomes the leader of a nation wide jail gang.”
Each story will run for 5 months at 10 pages a month and the website www.neweracmx.com  will launch at the end of the month. In the meantime take a look below at some preview art that you can see very soon.