Ferguson’s 7 Questions With… STEPHEN MOONEY


This edition is with the writer/artist Stephen Mooney who started out in Atomic Diner before moving to American publisher IDW to work on licensed properties such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Angel, Spike and The A-Team, and cinema’s The Mummy. For the last couple of years he has been working on his own book. A comic that features Nazis, dinosaurs and plenty of action and intrigue, Half Past Danger! (issue 3 out this week!).

What was the first comic work you did that was published?
A sampler book called ‘Naked Lunch’, put out by Atomic Diner (I think?) [It was Beating the Rap written by James A. Mason] just before starting on Freakshow, around 2001. I think.

What is the biggest thing you have learned since that book?
That my memory really isn’t what it used to be. Also: it’s all about networking and promotion; once you’ve achieved a certain level of proficiency in your craft, and a cast-iron work ethic.

What’s your process for drawing a comic book?
I receive/write the script, thumbnail the pages right onto it next to the text, scan the thumbnails into Photoshop, blow them up to full art-board size, convert them to blue-line, print out the blown-up thumbnail, light-box the pencils from the layout onto the actual board, ink it, repeat. FOREVER.

What is the biggest influence on your work?
Film, probably. Lighting, storytelling, acting.

Favourite artists: Stuart Immonen, Adam Hughes, Dave Stephens, Mark Shultz, Barry Windsor-Smith, Alex Toth, Sergio Toppi, Drew Struzan, Robert McGinnis, Travis Charest… just too many to mention.

Favourite Writers: Joss Whedon, Warren Ellis, Brian Azarello. Again too many to list.

TV: X-Files, Buffy/Angel, BSG, Star Trek Original Series/TNG, Deadwood, Justified… the list goes on.

Movies: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Thing, Ghostbusters, Alien/Aliens, Predator, Back To The Future, Jaws, Die Hard, North by Northwest…. Too many.

What are you working on right now?
Half Past Danger #5, page 20.

What do you out now or coming out next?
Issue 3 of Half Past Danger is out next week, Wednesday the 17th of July.

What is your favourite Irish comic?
Amperduke, by Bob Byrne.

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