Ferguson’s 7 Questions With… WILL SLINEY


This week we have an artist who’s done licensed properties with Star Wars, creator owned work with Celtic Warriors (which he also wrote) and now is working with Marvel on Fearless Defenders, Will Sliney.


1. What was the first comic work you did that was published?
I drew a comic strip called Sleep Walker for FutureQuake, a small press UK publication. It was written by Kieran Murphy and published at Bristol Comic Con. The same day Dec introduced me to Rob Curley and I started working with Atomic Diner

2. What is the biggest thing you have learned since that book?
Hmmm. It was a fair while ago now. I think the most important thing I learned is to stay positive and always remind yourself how lucky you are to be working in an industry you love. I’ve seen a lot of cynicism over the years which is sad really. The artists who stay positive are the ones who I like to hang out with now. Its a big industry and it has room for everyone. I’ll always be happy for more people to come in on board and create something special.

3. What’s your process for writing/drawing a comic book?
For writing I tend to build up a book piece by piece. Start with a very simple plot, and keep adding more and more to it until you end up with the page breakdowns. I really enjoy writing and usually tend to do it when I am away from my studio.

As for drawing, I have a fairly strict routine nowadays which allows me to be very productive. Mondays I plot out the pages I will draw for the week. Tuesday to Friday is where the hard work goes in. I try to always be started at 8am and keep a regular schedule as that’s what works for me.

4. What is the biggest influence on your work?
Joe Mad and J. Scott Campell got me going. Leinil Yu, Olivier Coipel, Jim Lee and Stuart Immonen were my favourites along the way.

Movies play a big role. Its no surprise that Star Wars plays a big role in shaping what I do. I love Irish Mythology and the 80s Saturday morning cartoons too.

5. What are you working on right now?
Drawing Fearless Defenders issue 10, writing Celtic Warrior 2 and 3. I’m also working with two incredibly talented groups on expanding Celtic Warrior in a couple of ways that you will never seen done before.

6. What do you have out now or coming out next?
Fearless Defenders 7. The issue where tumblr will freak out all over again.

7. What is your favourite Irish comic?
The Book of Kells. (Yep, the actual one). I have a feeling something really special is going to come out of this country soon. No idea what it is, or who it will be by, but the scene here has exploded, we are making marks in every corner of the industry. I cant wait to see what is ahead.

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