Ferguson’s 7 Questions With… STEPHEN COFFEY

This week we have the writer of the Irish comic with my favourite title: The Society of the Remarkable Suicide (Trust me it as the depth to match the weird title). He also has a variety of other stuff to follow. Read on…
What was the first comic work you did that was published?
The first comic work I had published was in an anthology comic that was out many years ago.  The story was based on a short story I wrote called Always Forever, got a lot of positive feedback on it.
What is the biggest thing you have learned since that book?
To write for myself, it’s not about money, it’s not about people coming up to talk about you, it’s about the story. I’ll write anything for anyone, just once I get to tell the story.
What’s your process for writing a comic book?
Usually, and this might sound insane, I have nightmares and dreams about something for a while, and they just keep coming and coming until I write the story down and then they stop.  I told you it was insane.  Anyone who has read my work knows how bad my dreams are now.
What is the biggest influence on your work?
The Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale Batman books, The Long Halloween just made me want to write comics.
What are you working on right now?
I’m working on my last new comic project Tim and Lynne, after Tim and Lynne I’m moving on to other types of project, including a musical version of The Society for the Remarkable Suicide, which I’ve about 6 songs done already.  I’m writing Celtic Knights spinoff Junker The Stinky Knight.  Celtic Knights and Pogoshots will continue, but anything new will be in a different format to comics.  Tim and Lynne is about two serial killers who fall in love.
What do you have out now or coming out next?
Celtic Knights, Pogoroboto, The Society for the Remarkable Suicide are all in stores now, issue 4 of Celtic Knights is coming soon.
What is your favourite Irish comic?
At the moment my favourite Irish Comic is The Celtic Clan, which I’m writing a crossover with Celtic Knights.  You should ask Nigel Flood about that.