WIP with Alan Hurley


One of the benefits of social media as a I comic fan is that you get to follow some of your favourite creators and hear them discuss their work and their views on the medium. When it comes to artists, there is the additional bonus of seeing some preview art and some work in progress. It is this work in progress (or WIP) that I have decided to highlight in this new feature in order to shine a light on the work of Irish artists.

The first artist I have selected is Cork based Alan Hurley who is a fine artist and painter who is working on his first comic book work Lady Babylon with writer Darrin O’Toole. I asked Darrin to give me some detail on the story to put the art into context and his thoughts on Alan Hurley’s art:

“He’s doing phenomenal work, and we are really excited to see the book launched in a limited run at DICE. Alan’s style coupled with the story really takes this book into a very Vertigo/Image territory.

The story tells the tale of Leila Waddell, real life muse to Aleister Crowley. The first issue shows us the meeting of Leila and Aleister and gives us some insight into their relationship. We then take the book into a fictional direction and see what happens to both Aleister and Leila after they die. If the book was to be compared to anything I guess it would be early Sandman, or the horror end of the Sandman spectrum. The aim of Lady Babylon was to set up this fantastical world and characters, and then through them and their events take a look at all the horrible things man can do in life.

Alan’s style has really complimented the script. He’s given a beautiful colour to the art, and every panel carries great artistic depth. The great thing about Alan’s art, is it’s going to make Lady Babylon a book people will read nice and slow,taking in each panel and adding it’s own depth to the tale we are aiming to tell.”

Alan’s art immediately brings to mind the work of David Mack on the series Kabuki and later on Marvel’s Daredevil and the artist himself has stated that Mack is an influence. His distinctive style brings many artist techniques together on the page. The art that follows shows his process in putting together a page and does him more justice than any words I could put together. I think he is going to bring something different to the Irish comic book scene and I look forward to picking up Lady Babylon and meeting him at the upcoming DICE convention.

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