07 Finished Colour

Welcome to the latest edition of Work In Progress. This feature is going to be a bit looser than my 7 Questions appearing when I have something to post and changing depending on what I find on the web or in my e-mail box.

This time round artist Frank J. Right (Celtic Clan) was kind enough to send me on the stages in his process from script to final page with a little explanation of the steps. It is a page from his webcomic, Circles, with Mario Covone. The first episode was recently posted on www.mariocovone.com.

Frank J. Right on Facebook

The Script:
01 Script

A Rough Layout:
02 Rough layout

03 Pencils

04 Inks

Block Colours:
05 Block colours

Halfway Through Colouring:
06 half way though colouring

Finished Colour:
07 Finished Colour