Review by David Ferguson

Written by Ken Mahon
Art by Ken Mahon

The story takes place in a future where a second moon has appeared and disrupted the weather patterns of the planet. Mankind has retreated to the skies while the only people who remain on earth are the Storm Chasers. As with all good sci-fi, the setting is just where the story happens. Ken Mahon gets the set up out of the way very quickly and concentrates on how it affects the characters and getting on with the story. I found that the book flowed very well (the panel layout aided in this) and I found the characters interesting and very likeable. There was some action but it was mostly about the interactions of the characters and their relationships. They felt real and you could feel they had a history before you, as reader, came into their lives.

The art is at the cartoonish end of the spectrum and I would describe as a something like the Manga inspired US books (like Scott Pilgrim) except with a kind of rough energy to it. It also reminded me of Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are when it comes to the shading and aspects of the art. Despite the fact that the bulk of the story is character interaction, Ken Mahon manages to keep it interesting by varying the shots he uses and being clever with the use of design. The action is equally well done and he does a good job of keeping the reader emotionally involved. The book is a complete story with an ending but personally I would like to see more of this world. Ken Mahon Has done a good job of building it.

Storm Chasers is available to purchase here.