It has been a few days since my 5th and (I think) final convention of the year, Octocon. It was a busy couple of days checking out some great panels and chatting with a few Irish creators. I didn’t get a chance to chat with everyone what being in panels and some of them being in others. it was probably be the last chance to chat in person with most of them this year (I’ll see a few at the upcoming Laydeez Do Comics) about their books and what they have coming up. I have recently been made the News Editor (I check the e-mail and stuff like that) so I thought I’d outline some of the ways that we can promote them, their upcoming releases or events that they are planning or attending.


I read a lot of Irish books but I am not familiar with them all. Creators can send digital copies to or literally send the physical books to me (someone actually just did that for the first time) and I’ll take a look at them and review them or get one of the team to do a review. My policy is first come, first served as I think that is the fairest way. We usually stick a link to where the book can be bought on the review.


I created this feature as a good way to promote a creator (plus it doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting on my part). It is the same questions for everyone so you can e-mail me the responses, a photo, some art (if you like) and a link to your blog or social media accounts. The rule for this one is first responded, first posted.


This is for artists. If you don’t have a book out yet, but can show a page, I stick up the process from pencils to finished product. Some blog and social media pluggery available also.


Send us a mail and we’ll plug your event and do a reminder coming up to the event. I am aware of most of the bigger cons but if you think I am missing anything let me know. I try to attend a lot of events but the day job interferes. When I do attend, I post updates on the ICN Facebook page so people realise what they are missing out on.


I have done a number of pieces on a variety of topics including Kickstarter, Original Art and Women In Comics. I just post stuff that comes to mind so if you’d like to see something covered that you think I have overlooked, shoot me a mail.

I try to follow Irish Creators on social media to keep up to date but might miss people so I’ll end this piece with the various contact and social media links so they can add me or if readers want to follow my meanderings or Irish Comic News updates online.