For the 75th Anniversary of the _Wizard Of Oz_ film, Bluewater Productions releases a tribute comic book of the life story of the of the real life wizard L. Frank Baum.

Out this week,_ Tribute: Frank Baum_ tells the story of one of the greatest children’s authors of the 20th Century. Read about Baum’s upbringing in a small town in New York State, his work in the theatre and his move to Hollywood to work in film. Witness the creation of one of the most beloved children’s novels of all time _The Wonderful Wizard of Oz_.

The 32-page comic book is written by Mike Lynch and illustrated by Manuel Diaz with a special cover by famed artist Mario Gully.

“Frank Baum is a great inspiration to any aspiring writers out there,the more I researched him the more I got a sense of how driven he was. He had an incredible determination and passion for writing not to mention an incredible imagination. He wanted to create the first American Fairytale and he didn’t stop until he had”, said writer Mike Lynch.

“L. Frank Baum is world famous as the creator of The Wizard of Oz. His books have fascinated generations of readers. For me it is an honor to be part of the universe of this writer, drawing the comic of his biography”, remarked artist Manuel Diaz.

“It was a pleasure to be asked to do this. The art came out great and I added the Likeness of my 13yrd Daughter Mercedez Gully as Dorothy and my best friend Zack Kennedy as the Lion. My girlfriend framed this on and she has it. First cover that has that type of meaning for Team O.M.G”, said famed cover artist Mario Gully.






“The Tribute line of comic books tells the stories of the classic entertainers that have passed on,” says Bluewater publisher, Darren G. Davis “It is a way for us to honor these people who have made a difference in the world.

Previous subjects that have been featured in the “Tribute” line include Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Capra, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

Print copies of the book can be ordered at Comic Flea Market–L.-Frank-Baum/Detail

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