Review by David Ferguson

Written by Stephen Coffey
Art by Mike Kennedy

This review was an interesting experiment for me. I have not yet had the chance to read the first three issues of the series yet so I am jumping in as the first Celtic Knights story-line “The Best of What’s Left” comes to a conclusion. The idea is that the Celtic Knights are a rag tag bunch of misfits that are left over when the majority of heroes are killed or are gone. This issue is very action packed as a lot of it is the battle between the Knights and the army of the villain of the piece, The Broker. This is an all ages book so there is plenty of humour mixed in as characters are compared unfavourably to better known heroes and other jokes that the real comic fan will enjoy. The story is concluded but there are various hints about characters suggesting that is a lot more to tell in future issues.

Kennedy’s art suits the tone of the book as it is cartoony and fun. The storytelling is clear even though there is a large cast of characters. I enjoyed the oft repeated smashed logo on the cover too. Very in keeping with the kind of book this is: a fun all ages book that pokes fun at various super-heroes mainstays, but mainly pokes fun at the super-heroes in the book.

The only thing I might add is a recap page at the beginning or maybe some short bios of some of the characters. This mainly comes from me not having caught the first three.

Celtic Knights #4 will be launched at the Limerick Comic Mart on October 27th.