Splitting Borders title
Review by David Ferguson
Created by Gareth Gowran and Sadhbh Lawlor

Ok. So I have been intending to look at webcomics for a while so I am finally going to review one. I’ve picked this one for 2 reasons: 1) co-creator Gareth Gowran contacted me made me aware of its existence and 2) once I started reading it, I didn’t stop until I finished nearly 150 posts. Gareth gave me a description of the series “Splitting Borders is a Monday to Friday strip that we’ve been posting since mid-April so we’re nearly up to number 150 now. We’ve tried not to limit ourselves in terms of subject matter and the strips are mostly self-contained stories though there have been a couple of stories that were told over a few strips.”

They are really fun and interesting self-contained stories but they are even better if you read the whole series as there are recurring themes and scenarios. They are entertaining slices of life. The series covers, among other things: relationships, everyday tasks, being creative, cats and the odd surreal post. I had a great time going through the posts. They made me smile a lot and I think they would appeal to a lot of people. I was reading them and thinking “oh (insert name) will like this one” and “I must post this on Facebook and tag (insert name)” a number of times and it was for very different kinds of people. I liked the art a lot too. It suits the tone of the series and it excellently captures everyday life and can effortlessly move to the fun and surreal too. The art and writing works very well in tandem.

I am going to end with where you can find the series and the Facebook page and a few of my favourite “episodes” from the series. I implore you to check it out and you can meet the creators at the upcoming Laydeez Do Comics event on November 30th.

Splitting Borders website:
Splitting Borders Facebook page:

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