Collider is a co-production between Ireland and Portugal. It is based on a comic book whose action unfolds in Geneva and was inspired by experiments performed at the CERN campus, where scientists found the Higgs Boson and won the Nobel Prize in physics 2013. With the theme of “What would you do if you could go back in time? Collider’s action takes place in 2018, the planet has just collapsed and the human species will be wiped out due to a succession of natural disasters and the emergence a mutant race called the Unknown. In the movie, Peter, Alisha, Carlos, Fiona, Luke and Lucy must join forces to reactivate the Collider to go back in time and prevent the apocalypse. This will not be an easy journey: in less than 24 hours, the time portal will close forever…

Watch the trailer here.

The movie was shot in the fall of 2012 in Ireland, in an old boutique hotel in the outer region of Dublin City and the Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Works was used to recreate the CERN complex. Collider has over 70 digital visual effects, including reconstructions and scenery scenes entirely on computer generated imagery (CGI). These special effects include the recreation of the CERN campus, the scene where the campus tunnels flood tunnels and the design of the creatures attacking the survivors.

Directed by Jason Butler (Republic of Telly, The Rubberbandits) and produced by Nuno Bernardo, Triona Campbell and John McDonnell, Collider features actors Iain Robertson (Basic Instinct 2,
Plunkett & Macleane, The Contractor, Band of Brothers) and Lucy Cudden (Pulp, Judas Ghost Afterlife) in the lead roles. It was written by two-time EMMY nominee Nuno Bernardo (Final Punishment and Beat Girl).

Collider had its première in Portugal last November 2013 and will reach Ireland, UK, USA and Japan in January 2014.