Gavin McCumiskey has announced on Facebook that more Innocent Tales are on the way in January:

Innocent Tales #2 is nearly ready to go to print and will be available in January 2014 – I will update you when I get it back from the printers and how you can get your hands on a copy. Like Innocent Tales #1, it is a collection of three short stories, unrelated and each with completely different topics.

Perceptions is a crime/murder story that as the clock rewinds, the reader’s perception of what has happened is changed. This was drawn by Ruairí Coleman and coloured by Eoin Hurrell.

Desperate Measures is a story about a guy who loses his job, his house, his wife and even his dog. However, amidst his darkest hour, the human spirit still shines. I have teamed up again with Ger Hankey from Innocent Tales #1 (Monkfight), who both draws and colours this short.

The Woodsman makes up the trilogy. Chris O’Halloran draws and Billy Browne colours. This story follows a lone woodsman stalking a deer and is actually a starter story for The Woodsman comic book coming out from Green Monkey Comics in 2014.

Along with the above fine talent, Dennis Coyle has returned to do a variant cover again, and James Seymour has also come on board for a variant cover. The main cover continues the theme of the first Innocent Tales cover and is another striking image drawn by Tommie Kelly.

All of the above creators have been a fantastic support in enabling this book to come together. I urge you to click on their names above which will take you to their facebook pages and from there, you can get onto their websites and blogs. You can check out the awesome work that they are doing and support them as much as possible.

That’s all for now, I will update this post with dates and further information as soon as I get it. Meanwhile, check out the virgin art cover images to Innocent Tales #2 !!




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