Taken from the Superhero Helpdesk Facebook Page:

Some news from your friendly neighbourhood Superhero Help Desk!

OK, I know we’re taking some time off right now and you all think we’re just a bunch of lazy slackers. Well you’re only half right. We have been working hard and burning the midnight oil to bring you a bigger and better Superhero Help Desk!

OK, OK, that’s not true, but we do have some huge news! After some negotiating, a few handshakes and at least one staring contest the Superhero Help Desk is incredibly happy to announce the return of Triona ‘Tree’ Farrell. Tree, in spite of her crazy-sauce college schedule has agreed to come back on board, at least for a little while, and do that artist thing that you all love so much!

But wait, there’s more! So, the website has been undergoing a huge overhaul. We’ve brought in a web designer and everything. So far it’s looking really good, and there are just a few little bits and bobs to work out before we can bring you the all new, all singing, all dancing, Superhero Help Desk website!

OK! It’s neither going to sing, nor will it dance; just stop staring at me with those accusing eyes! I meant no harm! For reals though, we’re getting a new site and it’s going to look pretty damn cool.

All of this is coming in February, so please just hold out until then, and we promise it will be worth the wait!

What you don’t want to wait?

All right then, why not join our competition?

Send us your ‘Ask the Helpdesk’ question to the link below for the chance to win a customised comic strip!

Seriously, just send us any super-question and we’ll either answer it right here on Facebook, or you’ll win a comic strip with your question, illustrated just for you.

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