Idiot Spanish Waiter Inspires Game.
Comic book artist unveils Big Bad Spanish; a new way to learn Spanish by immersion.

Valletta, Malta: After years of force feeding himself Spanish, Irish born comic book artist Bob Byrne made a shocking discovery after a chance encounter with a rude waiter in Spain.

“I messed up, I asked him for a fork instead of a spoon for my soup,¨ explains Bob, ¨his reaction was to laugh and ridicule me for the entire meal. It then hit me that this is where every language system fails: you don’t encounter morons like him.¨

Byrne immediately got working on a new type of learning game. Big Bad Spanish teaches through humiliating trial and error, brute force and immersion. This is no safe classroom environment; this is the Big Bad World.

Social combat: Battle against hostile Spanish speakers with distinct personalities and accents.
Branching scenarios: what you choose to say changes the course of the conversation.
Unlock 40+ characters with side missions and achievements.

You play as Benji, a guy with absolutely no Spanish skills. As you fight your way through the entire Spanish speaking world you will meet mumbling Columbians, scuzzy taxi-drivers and all manner of rude and unhelpful characters.

You learn by jumping in, getting knocked down, dusting yourself and trying again. It´s a frustrating but enjoyable way to cement words and phrases into your brain forever.

The game will be available first on iOS and then Android and PC but you can play the Demo online.

¨Will I ever go back and tell the waiter?¨, laughs Bob ¨Probably not but I did leave him a huge tip on the day of the fork incident. He earned it. He inspired the whole thing!¨

Bob Byrne is an Irish comic book writer and artist based in Malta. He is also the creator of a foolproof system for learning to read Japanese in just one hour.