It’s time for another 7 questions special. This time it is with the always entertaining Pubcast crew.

When was the first podcast you did?

Wayne: The very first Pubcast, 30 December 2010. Myself and Simon Fitzgerald sitting in Doyle’s Corner waxing lyrical about Babylon 5.

Kim: The Pubcast was having their Christmas do. They had invited their fans (me incl) and all was going well until they decided they were incapable of cogent communication and handed me the recording device. It was so much fun. I joined as a member last spring, in a Bob Mortimer style recruitment!

Darren: I remember it well. Was about 3 years ago? My friend Doc was going to the church bar for pints and I was asked to tagged along. He was meeting other people in there. Turns out he was meeting Wayne and former Pubcasters Graham Doyle and Simon Fitzgerald. They were in mid Pubcast and let Doc and myself join. Simon still today says I gate crashed it. I had never listened to a podcast before and this was my first podcast. So I spent my time trying not to swear and being polite as possible. Little did I know that’s not how things are done on Pubcast. Or that later down the line I would be a regular on it.

What is the biggest thing you have learned since that podcast?

Wayne: That a complete lack of hard work and winging it really can get you places. Seriously! We had no idea where this was going to lead us, now look at us four years , three ICN awards and an ArcadeCon Geek Idols of 2013 award later and we are still here and people are still listening to us waffle about all sorts.

Kim: How much work goes into maintaining the profile of the podcast, and how little I contribute! Wayne is the engine behind it all: keeps the Facebook, Twitter etc. pages and should accept all praise for our success.

Darren: If you have a chance to do something cool take it. Because you will be greatly surprised were it will take you. When I was asked to join Pubcast I thought, yeah that would be fun. Get to meet up and have a chat, as well as a rant about things we all enjoy. I never thought about the people listening and that they would want to hear more from us and that it would lead to. Because of Pubcast I have been able to do things I never thought I would and meet some great people. We have been asked to come to Conventions such as Arcade con and talk on stage and even interview guests. We have also had the chance to interview some great comic artists. Like Stephen Mooney, Deeclan Shelby, Nick Roche and Darrin O’Toole. So many others. All have been so sound and great to meet. All because of agreeing to do a Podcast with some friends. I have also learned that it’s more popular now than ever to be a nerd. When I was young growing up i didn’t have anyone that enjoyed Doctor Who or comics and wanted to talk about it with me. Now i don’t know anyone that doesn’t know what Doctor Who is and can always find someone to have a chat about the latest comic that’s out. It’s great to see it.

How do you think the Irish scene has changed since that podcast?

Wayne: The Irish scene has exploded, especially over the last two years. More Irish writers and artists are being hired and are getting their work out there. The independent scene has also grown exponentially with the likes of Darrin O’Toole and the Lightning strike crew leading the way.

Kim: The comic scene has always been collaborative here, and networks were always being built, but in the last few years we’ve actually witnessed people meeting who would then go on to collaborate with each other. It’s exciting stuff! The scene is thriving, and a warm and friendly place! There’s no need to get your success in any aspect of the field by stepping over someone else, and that’s great.

Darren: Well now is a great time to be a nerd. We are spoiled for choice. Every were you look we have a vast selection of quality movies, comic and TV shows dedicated to nerd culture. Right now I’m about to sit down and watch The Walking Dead while reading up on the latest new trailer of the upcoming Godzilla movie. We have a new Doctor Peter Capaldi in August. Then in a few weeks we have the second Captain America movie with Guardians a few months after. Very spoiled I must say and loving it.

What was your process for doing a podcast?

Wayne: We meet up in a Pub, press record and whatever comes out is the podcast, obviously the topics are generally related to what’s going on in the world of nerd at the moment, but we also get retrospective, introspective…there is a general level of spectiveness about a Pubcast.

Kim: Show up, talk nonsense! The Pubcast has always been ad-hoc, and is all the better for it. Too much organisation kills it, so we’ll leave preparation to some of the other groups!

Darren: I don’t really have a process. We usually have about two weeks between recordings. Usually there is a good chunk of stuff we have all seen. So then we meet up and talk or give out about it all. Or in my case like and defend myself to Wayne and Kim.

What are things you most like to chat about?

Wayne: Everything and anything really, we have done specialised episodes before, say if we are attending a Convention, or a special signing or screening. The topics really are varied and random.

Kim: I feel I’ve been a force for bad here. The boys always have many, many things to talk about and yet I keep (accidentally) steering the topics back to a few of my majorly traumatic cinema experiences. I’m not mentioning specifics because it would mean that I can’t stop mentioning a certain Zach Snyder vehicle even in an interview. It just gets sad after a while… talking about terrible movies that are fun with it is a fave. Also talking about Game of Thrones which I could do until everybody died. (Which in GoT wouldn’t take long).

Darren: We tend to talk about everything. But since I’m in the cinema a lot for me its movies and upcoming trailers. Always love a good rant about movies.

Any plans for upcoming episodes?

Wayne: Well Summer blockbuster season is just about to start, we are lined up for ArcadeCon and Dublin Comic Con and DICE so we have loads to look forward to.

Kim: The conventions have become a favourite hang-out, and we’ve been called upon to assist in the running of them. Totally looking forward to them again this year, and when I see more movies again (tied to a wee baby at the mo) it’ll be good to get back on the horse!

Darren: I’m sure we will do something for the new Captain America movie and there is Arcade Con and Dublin comic con in a few months. We shall definitely be recording at them.

What is your favourite Irish comic?

Wayne: I don’t think I can say just one, I’m a fan of the anthology stuff so I am loving the work the lads and ladies at Lightning Strike at the moment. I also adored what Darrin O’Toole did with Tales from the Void.

Kim: Half Past Danger by Stephen Mooney, but I think we were all spoilt with that one. Darrin O’Toole is consistently producing fantastic works but the joy here is the difference between them: massively varying themes and new artists each time. Tommie Kelly’s work is just beautiful. I’m excited for the next wave coming also; the up & coming artists (especially) are very exciting. Mooney, Declan Shalvey, Will Sliney and Nick Roche are well-deserved champions of the industry now. I feel privileged to have met these all of these people, and The Pubcast is responsible!

Darren: There are so many good artists out there. Doing great work so it’s hard to pick one. In the independent scene we have the lads at Lightning Strikes always come out with great collection of short story comics. So your pound to find something you like. Darrin O’Toole’s Earthruler was also great, nice to see a darker tale on a man from space coming to help are world. Then we had Nick Roche after working on Marvels Deaths Head 2. It was great to see this Marvel UK character back in action. Also being a transformer fan it has been brilliant to read all his work on IDW transformers. Then we had Stephens Mooney’s IDW Half Past Danger. Fighting Dino Nazis back in the 1940s just deadly. Then there Declan Shalvey work on Marvels Deadpool. His art set the dark tone of the comic. It help me to feel very sorry for the Merc with the mouth by the end. But yeah we are spoiled for choice and it is so cool to see so many Irish artist working on cool projects. So yeah i don’t have a favourite but I wouldn’t be surprised to see lots more talented Irish artists appearing in the future.


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