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Will Sliney has had a lot of Spider-man news of late. He drew an issue of Superior Team-Up and it was announced that he’d be doing a story in the final issue of Superior Spider-man which was big news but there was bigger still. He is going to be series artist on a new Spider-man 2099 series (with Peter David) and his run begins in a new Amazing Spider-man issue one. I asked Will all about it.

I know you’re a big Spidey fan. How does it feel to be launching a series with a Spider-man character?

Honestly, I am delighted. I feel like the rest of my career is all downhill from here as my main goal was always to be involved with a Spidey book. To be given this opportunity with Peter David is an absolute dream come true.

You also are a fan of the old series. Will you be hoping to revisit some of that material especially as Peter David is returning to the series?

Yes of course. I was initially pointed out towards 2099 by fellow artists believe it or not as it seems comic book artists close to my age have a real interest in drawing him. We are going to be mixing Miggy’s world of 2099 with the present.

People can check out the old series on ComiXology but it looks like this series is spinning out of events in Superior Spider-man. You’re drawing a story in the last issue of that book. Is it safe to say your story relates to 2099?

Actually, it’s not believe it or not. Our first 2099 story will be in Amazing Spider-Man issue 1. For the final issue of Superior I get to draw Peter Parker as he…. well, let’s just say its a pretty big moment in his life.
As we mentioned, one of my favourite creators, Peter David who has a impressive list of credits is writing the book. It must be both intimidating and exciting to be working with him.

Peter David is highly respected so it is of course an honour to be working with him on this book. I was a huge X-Factor fan and it was one of the first books I regularly collected. It is great to read his scripts and I can already see why he is such a fan favourite.

You’ve said that you’re looking forward to drawing the iconic costume. I think it is a great costume but looks to me like it could be tricky or fiddly to do on a regular basis. How do you find drawing it?

Ah I love it. Its so powerful and you can really show off his anatomy. In fact, I’ve already been contacted by some top level costume makers and pretty soon you will see the ultimate cosplay of how I draw it.
What kind of story should we be expecting?

A man out of time, struggling with the past, trying to influence his future in a good way.

Spider-man has some of the best villains in comics. As a fan, are you hoping that some of them will be popping up in the book?

Of course, and they will. We will have a mixture of future and present day Spidey villains with some new ones of our own

What is the thing you’re most excited about drawing?

Miggy gliding through the city with his cape flowing behind him.

Speaking of “Miggy”, Miguel O’Hara is the man behind the mask. With a name like that, he has to have some sort of Irish connection. Will you be hoping to have him swinging by the Luck O’ The Irish pub?

Haha if he hits up a pub, its going to have to be that one isn’t it?

Superior Spider-man 31 will hit stands on April 16th. Will’s run on Spider-man 2099 begins in Amazing Spider-man issue 1 which will hit two weeks later on April 30th with Spider-man 2099 starting in July.