Review by David Ferguson

Art by Neil O’Driscoll & Mark McColgan
Written by Danny McColgan

This review is a bit overdue with the book being launched at MCM in April so apologies. The first issue caused a bit of a stir with many people being very impressed with art and possibly had something to do with the title. I’m not the most observant person in the world so it took a review by Leeann Hamilton for me to notice that they’d used digital colouring. It really made the art “pop”. I’m going to start the review of this issue with the art which, once again, is pretty impressive. The cover is really enticing, makes you want to pick up the book and hints at the story inside (I’m a big fan of covers that tell you a bit about the issue as I think there are far too many pin-up covers). Inside I was pretty impressed with the distinct look for each of the cast members: a mixture of supernatural and 1890s. Neil O’Driscoll is able to do both. I must also mention colouring. The night scene in particular. It could very easily have ended up murky but the action is clear as… well… day. High points for the art in other words.

I was worried that the story might be just more of team building of issue one but there is a lot of character building in this issue as well as the development of a team dynamic. There is some fun verbal interaction between the cast. We also get some sense of how the characters are feeling about the situation. The story also progresses with Donal Harkin (my pick for stand-out character), acting as the reader’s voice, asking the question we all want answered: “What the hell is going on here?” We get some answers but we’re left with enough of a mystery that we will want to pick the next issue. The final scene really has me hooked in a possibly game changing or story dynamic changing or what am I supposed to think way. I have an idea but I could be wrong. A real comic book ending. I’d also like to mention the Irish translation / pronunciation at the beginning of the book. Gaelic. Hahaha. The sort of thing a non Irish reader might enjoy as they might pick a focail or two.

There has been mention of having more critical reviews of Irish books but I found very little fault here. Worries I had about story development were unfounded and I really liked the art. Check it out.