With Declan Shalvey leaving MOON KNIGHT with issue 6, I was trying to think what Marvel book I’d like to see him do next. I then got to thinking what other books I’d like to see. I set myself the limit that the book must be something that is not currently on sale and, as I’m posting it on ICN, all the creators must be all be Irish or living here

Colourist: Jordie Bellaire
Artist: Declan Shalvey
Writer: Michael Carroll

Sean Cassidy has been gone too long and who better to bring him back than an Irish creative team? I’m thinking of an out of continuity book that covers all his history including everything from his time at Interpol to his X-men days. Michael Carroll can certainly write anything from a good spy thriller (see JENNIFER BLOOD) to a superhero story (see his QUANTUM PROPHECY series of books). Declan Shalvey has drawn everything from street level with books MOON KNIGHT and THUNDERBOLTS. Plus see the above Banshee sketch. What can I say about Jordie Bellaire? She makes art better.

Colourist: Ruth Redmond
Artist: Stephen Mooney
Writer: Darrin O’Toole

Darrin O’Toole has been doing great work on THE GLIMMER MAN and if you haven’t read Stephen Mooney’s HALF PAST DANGER, what are you at? Both guys could obviously do great Nicky Fury war and spy stories but both are also sci-fi guys so they can through in some of those elements too. Also, Stephen Mooney can draw a great Black Widow who would be a required guest star. I’ve liked Ruth Redmond’s recent Marvel work and her colours on Stephen Mooney’s DICE poster.

Artist: Leeann Hamilton
Writer: Maura McHugh

Shamrock is mostly a blank canvas with sporadic appearances where she has been everthing from a teacher to a bar owner. I would like a creative team who could bring out the authentic Irish feel. I think Leeann Hamilton and Maura McHugh could bring in some Irish mythology, humour and horror. I’d like to see where they would go with it. We can always use more female leads.

Creator: Tommie Kelly

Tommie Kelly’s books are known for their spiritual and philosophical sides but there are definitely based in the real world. Can you think of a better description for what the world of Stephen Strange.

Artist: Robert Carey
Writer: Ciaran Marcantonio

7 Banshee
X-men Legacy has been released before with one run covering Charles Xavier’s life and another covering his son, David, trying to find his place in the world. With the recent release of X-men: Days of Future Past, I was thinking the Legacy in the title would relate to a future team of X-men. I was impressed with some X-men pieces by Robert Carey so he’d be my pick for the art chores. Ciaran Marcantanio is known for his love of Doctor Who and I think a future book would be right up his alley. There’s bound to be “timey whimey” stuff.

So there are my picks. I wasn’t able to use all the creators I liked but there’s always a DC list at some point in the future where I promise to move a completely new set of creators (you know my brain is already on it). Who’d be on your Marvel list? Let us know.