Teaser Cover

Comic Detective 1945 ‘The Faces of Evil’ by Belfast writer Lucy Shaw with art provided by Daryl_S_ and colours by Tommie Kelly is due out this October. Daryl provided ICN with some preview art and a synopsis of the story.

DETECTIVE 1945 ‘The Faces of Evil’

New York City, 1945, Post World War 2…

A society still shaken by the horrific events and catastrophic loss, attempts to rebuild it’s faith in humanity. None more so than Detective Joseph Roberts, having survived the war and returned to duty at the NYPD, Roberts will face his greatest challenge yet!

Haunted by the memories of his time in service Roberts encounters a new enemy. A sadistic killer is at large, leaving their victims mutilated beyond recognition. Can Roberts and his rookie Jacobs find this monster before they strike again? Or like the victims they so brutally slaughter, will they remain faceless…


You can check out updates on the book on their Facebook page.