Review by David Ferguson

Art by Jason Browne
Written by Jason Browne and Mike Lynch
Lettering by Phil Roe

This issue is the second part of the War of the Fál which began in Artos #2. I have been behind in the Wren (I’m catching up with the collections) and haven’t read any Artos yet. However, it is a compliment to the creative team that I was able to catch up on the cross-over with the summary at the beginning and Conor McMahon (The Wren) catches us up on the state of play in The Wren as he mulls over his life at the beginning of the story.

As this is an advanced review, I’m going to keep it a bit shorter and try even harder to keep away from plot points. This issue serves to further the Fál storyline and bring the Wren into the action. There are some great villains introduced (one of the things I feel is very important in the world of comic books). It is an interesting plot and also does a good job of giving you a real feel for the heroes. It really does follow the “Every issue is somebody’s first rule”. I didn’t once feel lost but I do plan on going back and catching up. I like Jason Browne’s art style and it fits the all ages tone of the book. If I may go on a side rant, I think the all ages banner makes some people think that a book is just for kids. I think there is a need for books that are for everybody and books like this fulfill that need. A kid could easily pick this up and I enjoyed it a lot. Another new thing for me, having not caught up yet, is a Wren comic in colour. I think the creative team did a great job on them. I particular liked Artos eyes. The colours fit the artist’s style which is important. A very well put together book.

You can pick up your copy at Arcade Con coming next weekend.