It is been a while since the last edition of WIP so I put a call out on Facebook and Twitter for creators who had some stuff to show. First in line was Hugo Boylan with art from his upcoming book High Fantasy.

“High Fantasy is the first of at least six 20 page comics I’ll be collaborating with Amanda Spitzner of explodingcomics.com to create” “We’re hoping to have the full coloured, or a touched up black and grey version of the book ready for Dublin Comic Con on the 9th and 10th of August, and we’ll be selling the book again at Dublin International Comic Expo at the end of September.

High Fantasy is something that Amanda and I are having great fun putting together so far. We’re both table top gamers, and Dungeons and Dragons geeks at heart and what we’re hoping to produce is a book that combines some fun fantasy storytelling with the kind of humour you’d usually have to be piled around a tiny table, covered in a wide array of dice with the pungent stench of mildew emanating from the wet dungeon wall to experience.

With letters by the fantastic (and fellow D&D stalwart) Kerrie Smith, this is the kind of book that when I think about it, I have to chuckle.

Page 4 depicts a duel from early in our heroes’ story. This is a super serious scene as you can no doubt tell, the stakes are high and we really felt on edge while we were putting it together. Can Dalen son of Damian of the house of Damian survive this viscous onslaught from his spear wielding foe? His fear is palpable and he’s certainly not cocky or arrogant.
Page 7 is one of our favourites. Not only do we get our first glimpse of Princess Rome Halcyon III but Amanda really got to stretch her artistic muscles in characterising Rome and her personality in a really short space. It’s also the start of my favourite scene in the comic, a pivotal moment in in the comic that will present Princess Rome with the chance to make a choice that will change her life forever.
That’s all I have permission to give away for this preview, but if you like what you see, be sure to check out the Exploding Comics/High Fantasy stall at Dublin Comic Con. I’ve been told we also have plushies.

Comics and plushies: a match made in heaven, right?”