Stephen Mooney’s Grayson issue hits the shelves this week so I thought it was time for a DC version of the “Five Marvel Books I’d Like to See” column I did back in June. I’ve set myself the restriction that I can’t use any of the creators from that piece.

Artist: Stephen Downey
Writer: Robert Curley

I was surprised when I finished the Marvel column that I had overlooked one of my favourite artists, Stephen Downey. From his work on Jennifer Wilde, I think he would do a superb job on the real world aspects of a detective series set in Gotham City. He also draws a good Batman (see the pic for details). Robert Curley’s Freakshow work made him an instant candidate for the writing chores. I would hope to see the cast investigating some cool villains each month including existing Bat-villains as well as some new ones from Rob.

Anna Fitzpatrick

DC seem to have issues selling a Hawkman series. To me, it should be something like space cop version seen in the 1980’s Hawkworld. After reading her webcomic Between Worlds, I thought that Anna Fitzpatrick would be a great fit for this character.

Cover Artist: Paddy Lynch
Artist: Gareth Gowran
Plot: Sadhbh Lawlor, Gareth Gowran

I really enjoy the slice of life webcomic Splitting Borders. Seeing this everyday life aspect applied to Mister Miracle and his wife Big Barda would be interesting to me. They also have the odd surreal episode of their series (including a space creature story) so I think this would suit a book that would have an outer space element. I think the artistic and design talents of Paddy Lynch would result in some very cool covers.

Artist: Jason Browne
Writer: Mike Lynch

Jason Browne’s artistic style instantly slots into an all ages book in my mind and you can’t get more of an all ages character than Captain Marvel to me. We also know that Jason knows how to create some great mythological beasts for the captain to fight. With his work on Artos and Customs (in Lightning Strike), I think Mike Lynch would be a great choice as the writer.

Plastic Man by Triona Tree Farrell (a), Hugo Boylan (w) and Kerrie Smith (w)
Deadman by Alan Hurley (a) and Emmett O’Brien (w)
The Demon by Bob Byrne

Okay. I cheated with this one but I do like the idea of an anthology that showcases a bunch of creators. I selected the Superhero Helpdesk crew to do Plastic Man as I really think the style and humour shown in that book suits the tone of the character. I’d love to see Alan Hurley’s art on a Deadman book. He could do great work on a ghost book mixed with real world scenes. I enjoyed the story he worked on with Emmett O’Brien (in the I’m Awake, I’m Alive anthology) so I’d like to see them team up again. Can you imagine Bob Byrne being set loose on a story set in hell? That’s a Demon story that I would like to see.