Cover 1
Review by David Ferguson

Art by Daryl_S_
Written by Lucy Shaw
Colours by Tommie Kelly
Lettering by Daryl_S

This is an advanced review so it is going to be shorty and very light on plot details. It is also the first book I’ve read by this writer and artist so I’m not going to be hugely critical about the book but, as luck would have it, I didn’t find a whole lot to be critical about. From the title, you’ll get that this book is a detective series set just after World War II. The main character is back in his job as a detective but he’s brought some emotional baggage with him. The first issue goes into that a little which is an interesting aspect to his character as it is going to affect how he deals with the horrific case that starts in this issue. I’m a fan of TV detective shows I noticed artist Daryl_S_’s use of “camera angles”. From start to finish, the book had the feel of a detective show. The only angle I would have changed was the first page was the reveal of the body. I would have gone for some kind of overhead angle. It just felt a little awkward but it was the only one. I also liked the captions with a notebook background and Japanese lettering from the flashback. Little things like that added to the authentic feel of the book. The addition of Tommie Kelly’s colour just improves the overall package. Little touches that you’d expect from him that added a polished feel to the book.

From a writing point of view, the authenticity was there too. You can tell research was done (research that involved an important plot point). I always harshly judge a book, particularly an independent book, if an issue is lacking in story content. I like to have some bang for my book. The first issue gives us enough of the hero’s backstory as well enough of the current case (along with a nice cliffhanger – which I enjoy) to keep the reader satisfied. Also, I didn’t anticipate the resolution but it din’t feel out of left field either which is the difficult balance of a good detective story. At least in my opinion. Overall, it is a great first outing and I’d recommend it. You can pick up a copy with Tommie Kelly’s alternate cover at DICE at the end of the month.