Review by David Ferguson

Created by Leeann Hamilton

I have a problem with this review. One problem I can have, when I do have them, is that I don’t like a book and I don’t want to do a hatchet job on a creator’s work especially when it comes to new creators. I have the opposite problem with this book. I loved it so I am worried I’ll just spend the whole time gushing about it but what the heck. Leeann Hamilton is a well respected and established artist so it is saying something when I say that this is the best looking art she has produced. The colouring is just gorgeous and really accentuates the overall cuteness of the book. And boy is this cute. (So cute that I showed it to my little sister who instantly melted and asked could she have another kitten. Her one word review: Awwwwww ) It is a fun, humorous done-in-one story with some endearing characters that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Pixar animated short. If you picked at DICE, you got a free sketch of one of the characters which quickly changed into people getting commissions of their cats. (I was chastised at home for not getting one of our furball). If you missed out on that, there is a handy guide to drawing a Kitteenie yourself included on the back cover. Pick it up and revel in the cuteness. I’m a Frizzle guy btw.