Review by David Ferguson

Created by Anthea West

I actually read this issue on the Saturday of DICE (where it was on sale for the first time) as I wanted to see what the story was about but, since I picked Kitteenies up first, I reviewed that book first. This issue does a great job of setting up the world of the dustbunnies and giving us an idea of what the main character is all about. He’s an outsider on his island (he can talk and the rest of the dustbunnies can’t). A crotchety chappy who just wants to be left alone but Fate, hence the title, has other ideas. There is one thing that I can say about Anthea West’s writing is that she is great at world building. The book includes a map of the wider world and gives you a few facts about the dustbunny creatures including how they are perceived by the wider world. For a cutesy story, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there wasn’t much depth but I think the “outsider” status of the main character gives the tale a deeper meaning. There’s also the idea of going out into the big bad world. I haven’t really touched on the art as it kind of goes hand in hand with the writing. A world is built with great character designs and I was easily able to tell the dustbunnies apart despite Anthea pointing out that she would have liked some colours to cover a certain aspect of the creatures – read the book to find out more on that. I would say that the addition of colour would be a dotting of the “i”s on a great first issue. It did what I would want with a first issue – started building a story, told me something about the quote unquote hero and left us with a cliffhanger. Recommended reading.