Review by David Ferguson

Art by Amanda Spitzner
Words by Hugo Boylan
Colours by Frank de Paula
Letters by Kerrie Smith

This is the second issue that this creative team has produced this year, the first being released at Dublin Comic Con. The creative team should also be commended for turning the issue around without affecting the quality. It actually shows improvement. Starting with the cover, I think it is a better composition than the first one. I like the running theme of a cover that gives you an idea of what is going on and plays up the D&D influence. Plus it is funny which is the main thing I like about the book. Amanda Spitzner draws some great visual gags (I like that you have to pay attention to get them too – see the monkey gag for details) and her art style really plays well in this kind of story. She is still learning as she goes and I think certain pages are stronger than others but there are more strong the weak. I think page two is my personal favourite as there is a level of detail there and a visual gag in the background that I really enjoyed.

The story is a standard D&D tale but I think that is the point. The team are playing with that. I’d like more of the funny because I think it works. There are other little things that are right that also make this book work. Well not little things but things that sometimes seem to be overlooked. Kerrie Smith’s lettering is polished and I can’t fault the panel and word balloon placements (I can be fussy about that kind of thing). The colouring also works for me too. Overall, the book is very well put together. I enjoyed it. Give it a try.