Artist Nick Runge, who provided a cover for the first series, has posted a teaser image for the sequel.

With the cat out of the bag, series creator had the following to say on Facebook:

Just to clarify on the Half Past Danger 2 front that it could be early 2016 before HPD2 actually hits shelves. I’m hoping for a Christmas 2015 release but that was pencilled in a while back before I got so busy with DC. I definitely want to continue that work, alongside other bits and pieces, so I’ll be working on HPD alongside as I go. But have no fear, I won’t rush ANY of it, and it will DEFINITELY see the light of day very soon. The entire sequel is written and parts of the third also. Can’t wait for people to see it.

Those of you who haven’t checked out the first series should pick up the hardcover which is filled with lots of cool extras.