Cork Horror Cover
For Halloween this year, you can take the horror home with you!

Thursday October 30TH at the festival sees the launch of the Cork Horror Comic; an all-ages anthology put together exclusively for the festival. The five stories in the book are a spooky trip through Cork, both past and present, where you will meet demons, spirits of the air, haunted buildings, a medieval plague doctor, and the cab driver from hell…
Put together by the Cork Comic Creator group, the book is the work of local writers and artists, and is an exciting blend of different stories, all horror-themed, and all set in Cork. The comic will have a limited print run and will only be available to buy at the festival.

In ‘The Plague Doctor’, we meet a ghost of Cork’s past, from when the plague was a terror to all in the city. But there are worse dangers than even the Black Death stalking the streets…
Devils Chair Page 2 Lettered
In ‘The Devil’s Chair’ an unsuspecting furniture maker gets a mysterious visitor, and a challenge he can’t refuse. Of course, all is not what it seems, and as the story unfolds we learn how The Devil’s Chair of Blarney Street got its name.
War of the Birds
In ‘The Lough’, we travel further into Cork’s past and discover the story of the famous ‘War of the Starlings’ that took place across the skies of Cork in 1622. For three days and nights feathers rained on the city as tens of thousands of birds waged war above the heads of the citizens of Cork. Here, history meets legend as we find out what could have driven birds to wage such an incredible battle.

In ‘Shandon Tower’ we arrive back in modern-day Cork city, but that doesn’t mean we leave the scares behind. Two would-be thieves make a mistake they come to regret when they tackle Shandon Tower in the dead of the night.
Cab Ride
Finally, in ‘Cab Ride’ two friends on a journey to a Halloween party get taken on a trip through a hilarious and twisted version of Cork. Will they make it to their party, or has their driver something else in mind for them?

The Cork Horror anthology features a cover by ‘Ghost of Shandon’ artist Alan Corbett and was made in collaboration with the Dragon of Shandon Festival (produced by Cork Community Art Link).

Plague Doctor
Emma O’Mahony and Chris O’Halloran

Devils Chair
Dylan Fitzgerald and Damien Duncan

War of the Birds
Liam Hughes and Charlie Aabo

Cab Ride
Mark Lenihan and Podge Daly

Shandon Tower
Sean Creagh and Joe Griffin

Story Editor
Colin O’Mahoney

Art Editor
Alan Corbett