You may have noticed that our numbers have dwindled in the past year or so. Tommie Kelly and Colin O’Mahoney have sunk their free time into comic creation and Hilary Lawlor has had to focus on real life. Paddy Brown has still been contributing occasionally but he has The Cattle Raid of Cooley to work on. This has meant that myself and Dave O’Leary have had to do the bulk of the work and we need a hand. I’m especially speaking about reviews. We have been helped here a bit with Leeann Hamilton letting us repost her reviews from her website (thanks Leeann) but we need more of that.

So if you’d like to do some work for ICN, get in touch. We are particular looking for female writers as we’re currently an all boys club. We’re looking for the following:

– Reviews of books created in Ireland
– Reviews of books by Irish creators
– Articles about Irish books or general articles that would apply to the Irish scene.

Creators, if you’d like to make the odd contribution with your opinion, something about your process, things that come up while working on comics or maybe the odd review, let us know.