Here’s the cover to Gifted Issue One from Uproar Comics. You can download the issue or pre-order the trade from their website.

Here’s the blurb:

“Laser vision? Hyper-speed? Super enhanced Intelligence? What special gift would you like to have? The age old question in comics!!

But we pose a different question; what power do you dream of claiming as yours? Not superpower, but super-natural power?

Ireland, the Emerald Isle, is the birthplace of some of the greatest
mythologies, mysterious magic’s and sensational stories known throughout the world. A wealth of gods and heroes juxtaposed against evil incarnate – with such immense powers and abilities that leave modern comic book heroes in the dust. What has become of such stories? You’re about to find out!

Most stories and myths fade away if not transcribed; but the old stories, stories of heroes and druids, of gods and faeiries – have always been told. Inscribed in our hearts. We here at Uproar want to keep that tradition alive. Not only do we want to tell a tale of characters comparative to those that have been passed down to us, like Cúchulainn, Cathbad the Druid or the malevolent Morrigan – we want to reignite the unequivocal Irish passion for the stories that we know and love from the old legends. We are proud that you hold in your hands the first comic about mystical Irish “Superheroes”.

This is OUR GIFT to you.”