Review by David Ferguson
Created by Bob Etchingham

Usually if a book is not to my taste, I won’t post a review about it. However, I’m going to do this review for two reasons: 1) this book deserves to get some attention and 2) the reasons the book is not for me is a matter of personal taste as to opposed to any criticism about the book itself. The art style is not personal favourite of mine but, looking from an objective point of view, this is a beautifully put together book. I’m also not much of a fan of the 1920s gangster / noir style story. As with horror, I need a special hook to get me on board. Luckily, for me, when it comes to the story it has the interesting twist that it is set in Ireland as opposed to somewhere like Al Capone’s Chicago (and I particular like when Irish creators choose an Irish setting or put an Irish twist on things). Bob Etchingham nails the Noir style too with the colouring setting the appropriate tone. So strangely in conclusion, I am going to recommend a book that I wouldn’t necessarily pick up myself, for personal taste reasons. If you like noir style stories, you’re probably going to love this.