Review by Ben Z

Created by Noel Staunton

Website: https://www.facebook.com/diabolicalkitten

‘A DAY IN THE LIFE’ webcomic is about three very disturbed individuals who happen to live together and is drawn by the very talented Noel Staunton. If I had to summarize it in one sentence I would describe it as a webcomic with an extremely black soul and no heart to speak of. It’s also well produced and very, very funny. The essential premise is that of three flat-mates who also happen to be casual evil geniuses with a student mentality. Therefore taking over the world is further down the agenda then say getting one over on your friends. The comics themselves are of the episodic variety so one can dip in and out rather than having the reader commit to a long epic.

Noel Staunton’s art is Spartan but to be frank anymore detail would just get in the way of the jokes. Some people might not like that the arms are invisible but I for one didn’t have any problem with it. As for the actual stories like I said they’re dark. The comics themselves stretch from the mundane like the comic “Game Night” below:
To the more epic ones like this gem:
If only society was so lucky. The nice thing about “A DAY IN THE LIFE” stories is that they’re free and can be read at the Diabolical Kitten facebook page (the link is above). Noel Staunton did release a free booklet of all the comics at Sub City Galway and if you were one of the lucky ones to get your hands on it I hope you treasure it as much as I do. Unfortunately the Facebook site hasn’t being up-dated since 2012 so it looks like the comics in the vault are the only ones we’re going to get of this series, but if you like jet-black humour and politically incorrect shenanigans. Then give it a whirl you won’t be disappointed.