Review by Ben Z

Created by Heather Mills

Website: http://thisgracecomics.blogspot.ie/

I first encountered Heather Mills in the short-lived comic book ‘Flips Sake” in which she was the prime mover and shaker behind the scenes. Having enjoyed her work I was delighted to come across more of her labours in her webcomic called THIS GRACE. Mills’s humorous work is of the observational kind that a lot of people (including myself) can identify with and get a serious chuckle out of reading.

The main character in her webcomic is a ordinary woman called Grace (hence the title) and while there are some characters who reoccur such as the Goth teenagers Mills doesn’t let something like a particular character get in the way of a funny joke. Here’s a sample of work below:

This reviewer’s favourite THIS GRACE comic:
The Actual Grace of the title:
And the bane of this reviewers life “there’ and ‘their’.
All of Heather Mills’s comics can be read for free in the link above and I dare you not to chuckle at her work. Unfortunately just like Noel Staunton’s “A Day in the Life’ Mills’s hasn’t up-dated for a while so this seems to be the entire collection of this very talented cartoonists work as of writing. Still thanks to the magic of the internet we can enjoy what she has put out there all in one place and hopefully we haven’t heard the last of ‘THIS GRACE”.