Time for another podcast special. This time up it’s Bobby Best and Ciaran Flanagan (the original members) of the 2D Cast. I did not fix Bobby’s spelling.

When was the first podcast you did?

BB: Over 9000 moons ago… I’ll let Flanagan answer this one, he’ll either remember, look it up or lie convincingly.

CF: It was February of 2012. Our first guest was Big Dave Campbell talking about the 2d Festival (when that was still a thing).We recorded it in a proper recording studio and everything. Highest production values we’ve ever had. It’s been a slow steady decline ever since.

What was the biggest thing you have learned since that podcast?

BB: Sometimes things just don’t record…. I’d love to be able to say I learned how not to talk over the other two but that’s plainly bollocks.

CF: For me it’s been 2 things: Firstly people like a regular schedule. Put the show out the same day every week and it’ll become a habit for them to listen. Change that up and watch your regulars melt away like a birthday cake carelessly left upon the beach. Secondly people stop listening to podcasts during August. I have no idea why.

How do you think the Irish scene has changed since that podcast?

BB: Bigger, always bigger. It’s the old story of the “ten year overnight success” and things were always building but it seems like I woke up one morning and EVERYONE waso suddenly working for the Big Two.

CF: For me its more the galvanisation of the scene as a whole the whole thing from creators to comics to cons seems to have grown up and together so perfectly, that you would almost think someone had planned it. And everyone seems to be on an equal footing: there’s no hierarchy or snobbery and everyone interacts with everyone else. At the recent DICE event I met Becky Cloonan and Declan Shalveys mother. Both were delightful.

What was your process for doing a podcast?

“We should do a podcast for the festival”
“Can we swear?”
“Let’s do this”.

CF: This is typical of the type of revisionist history that Bobby favours for , as long time listeners will recall, we used to edit the swear words out. But that was in the ‘before time’ back when I wasn’t yet jaded and before Ciaran Marcantonio’s maniac ability for run on sentences rendered editing of any kind an impossibility. We typically have a loose format that we TRY to stick to. Outside of that its anything goes.

What are the things you most like to chat about?

BB: Honestly? Bad comics. It’s good to vent. I remember someone talking about wrestling once and saying “If it’s good, enjoy it. If it’s bad, enjoy laughing at it”. This is why I hope DC never goes out of business.

CF: I just like shooting the shit with like minded individuals, the subject matter isn’t really important. I like it most when something pleases me and I can say nice things about it, but as Bobby states, there are few things in life finer than a terrible comic.

Any plans for upcoming episodes?

BB: Any time we promise to do something it rarely if ever happens, I’m trying not to jinx it. Us promising anything is like waking up in the morning and shouting “HEY YOU KNOW WHAT? I HAVEN’T STOOD IN DOGSHIT IN AAAAAAAAAGES!”

CF: Our tentative upcoming schedule is as follows:

Paul Heyman tribute (probably by the time you read this).
Irish Small Press review special .
Belfast Film and Comic Con coverage.
Star Trek Special.
Christmas annual and year in review.

What is your favorite Irish comic?

BB: There’s too many to choose from, I’m torn between The Holy Numbers and Cu Cuthlain (Flanagan or Marcantonio will no doubt fix my shoddy proddy spelling).

CF: I’m gonna say that Last Stand of The Wreckers is so far up on the list of great comics that its onto the list of best things ever: chemotherapy, democratic process, Last Stand of the Wreckers, sliced bread. If were going small press I’ll say that Gar Shanleys Super Hero Showcase is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

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