Creator Gavin McCumiskey got some blank cover variants printed for Innocent Tales #2 (which I think is a first for a book produced in Ireland). He has gotten some Irish artists to some sketches for them. I’ll let him tell you about it.

Written by Gavin McCumiskey

Hi All – as some of you know, my name is Gavin McCumiskey and I am the writer
behind a series of comic books called Innocent Tales under the label of Green Monkey
Comics. For the second issue of this series, I printed a small number of comics
with a blank cover. And some fantastic artists have turned these blank covers into
something amazing!

First up is Jason Browne, who is the creator of The Wren and Artos. The sketch on
the left is The Woodsman hiding in foliage, while on the right you have possibly the
greatest team up of all time, The Woodsman and Artos!
Jason Browne
Next we have a fantastic aging piece of The Woodsman throughout his life by upcoming
Lisa Manton. The triage theme works really well and also draws parallels with the
Innocent Tales series.
Lisa Manton
Daryl Shaw pencils and Tommie Kelly colours the next cover, which again focuses on
The Woodsman, this time in a classic action pose. Daryl has just published his
first comic book Detective 1945 which is an excellent read. Tommie colours that
book and is also the main cover artist on all three Innocent Tales books, with his
current project called The Great Work.
Daryl Shaw - Tommie Kelly
Chris O’Halloran renders an excellent Crow on the next blank cover. Chris is the
artist on The Woodsman story set in Innocent Tales #2 and is doing a lot of good
work with creators in Cork at the moment.
Chris O Halloran
A zombiefied Grandmaster Wu is the subject of the next sketch cover. This amazing
job was drawn by Michael Arbuthnot from Uproar Comics fame. Uproar Comics are doing
a tremendous job bringing multiple comic projects to the Irish scene.
Michael Arbuthnot
The only blank cover that focuses on real people is the incredible Kodaline sketch
by the equally incredible Kevin Keane. Kevin is also working with the Cork creators
along with several other creators in Ireland.
Kevin Keane
Last and certainly not least are two breath-taking covers from Emmett Taylor. The
cover on the right sees The Woodsman facing off against The Dark Knight in a battle
which can only be described as epic! While on the left, we see The Woodsman being
torn apart by Hulk. This cover is based off the iconic Leinil Yu image of the Hulk
ripping Wolverine in half. I remember seeing this image for the first time and
literally being left dumbstruck. To think that a few months earlier, I had thought
of the character The Woodsman and then to see him being taken down by the Hulk, is
stuff dreams are made of. I am happy that he managed to pierce the Hulk’s skin, so
who knows how powerful he is going to be?
Emmett Taylor
There are still some covers out there with a few people, so I will update as and
when they come in to me. In the meantime, and as always, keep reaching!!