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Review by Ben Z

Created by Barry Richardson


Barry Richardson’s Antique Time Machine is one of the most consistently funny webcomics out there today and while all webcomics don’t have to be funny. I like most people will always go back to a webcomic if I’m guaranteed a chuckle or two.

The Antique Time Machine webcomics are episodic in nature and usually the artist himself is the main star of these tales. Trying to describe his work is difficult. If I had to sum it up I’d say they’re usually slice of life episodes with a dash of fantasy thrown in. Think of Woody Allen’s earlier work where he’d happily incorporate fantasy into his films such as Annie Hall. Richardson has a keen societal eye and knows his way around a punch line when he meets one.

A good example of his work would be following strip below:
There’s also a pathos to some of his tales that I like. Usually Richardson uses only Black and White, but on occasion he throw’s in a dash of colour which I for one think adds a ‘pop’ to it such as Valentine’s Day below.
If I had to compare his work to someone in the industry it would probably be JASON the Norwegian cartoonist you incorporates a sparse drawing style. While Richardosn’s art wouldn’t be up there with his on a technical level. They both share the same unique talent for getting to the emotional heart of the matter using a simple pallet. Plus Richardon’s is funnier.

Antique Time Machine is still going and is up-dated intermittently. All the stuff is free to view and I hope you give it a chance as I think you’d enjoy his work.

Here’s the link again:


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