I’ve been a big fan of Cardboard Press’ Summer Subscription. The latest book in the series is Paddy Lynch’s new book Stone Hewn Sky. Paddy wrote a piece about on his Tumblr about it which he has kindly allowed us to re-post here.

Written by Paddy Lynch

So, my new comic is out and I thought I should write a few words about it:
It’s been a weird road working on it. In some ways it’s the longest I’ve ever spent on a comic. I’ve been living with the story in my head for about 18 months now and along the way I’ve passed a couple of major personal milestones. It’s funny to actually see this strange, paranoid, scifi story in print and have it’s genesis forever associated (at least for me) with a time of personal change and the anticipation of change. There are certainly elements of that leaking into parts of the narrative.

A fair bit of the story ideas mutated from sequences worked up during Frank Santoro’s Correspondence Course back in January 2013, a few pages are largely unchanged since September/October 2013 but it was mainly drawn and redrawn between July and October 2014.

Story wise, for someone who’s only previously dealt in slice of life drama it was both liberating and scary to attempt another genre. I enjoyed it, and I don’t think it’ll be the last time I do.

The art is really beginning to approach where I want it to be – loose enough where the lines and marks hold an emotional weight, but retaining a strong sense of timing and clear storytelling. Again, thanks to Frank for pointing the way and sharing his techniques, the dude is a f**king legend and constant source of inspiration.
I probably drew about 40 pages all in all, which were edited down to the 33 that make up the main narrative. I cut tons of narration captions at the last minute – it was getting too verbose and actually detracting from the visual story telling.
Anyway, the official blurb goes as follows:

Morgan Rye’s life starts to unravel around him following a chance meeting with and enigmatic woman. Part elliptical science fiction fable and part environmental fever dream, Paddy Lynch delivers a tense and paranoid comic that asks whether we are truly free to change the path of our life’s trajectory.

Overall, I’m quite proud of it. You can buy it here (alongside some other great comics by Irish artists) or you can paypal €4/$5 to