Issue Zero drawn by Steve Kearney

Issue Zero drawn by Steve Kearney

Review by Ben Z

Created by various creators

Website: http://flipssake.tumblr.com

Flips Sake was a small fanzine that ran for 2 issues back in the bygone age of 2011. The reason I am reviewing it is that the editors had the wherewithal to put it up on the internet meaning that you don’t have to hope to find a copy (probably in bad condition) to be able to read it, all you have to you is click on the link above and you can enjoy the delights of some fine comic book writers and artists making it in my book a webcomic. The first issue came out for ‘Free Comic Book Day 2011’ and it was so successful they released a new issue later that year. Unfortunately that seems to be the end of it but the stuff in it was good, with some great writers and artists donating to it like Barry Richardson, Heather Mills and the cover of the first issue being drawn by Steve Kearney who drew the ‘Man with No Libido’. It’s also all artists/writers who are/were based in Galway, which seems to be a black hole for comic book writers and artists even though judging by this talent that’s obviously not true.

Flips sake is an anthology in which all these good people donated some of their works to be seen and it was distributed by Sub City Galway and Bell, Book and Candle.
Both issues can now be read for free and there are lots of great strips to choose from. That it is also free is also a big plus! Kudos must be given to Heather Mills the main mover and shaker behind it. That the volunteers also put it on-line meaning that there is a digital archive for future generations must also be commended. There’s very little I can say about Flips Sake except read it you won’t be disappointed. Among the strips you can see the first work by the comic creator Quidittas who I’ll review at a later stage and the work by a very talented writer/artist called Leigh Ashmore. Check it out you won’ t be disappointed.

Faithfully submitted.
Ben Z.