I don’t usually do event reviews but I am going to for this event because 1) Laydeez do Comics Dublin do great events that are worth highlighting and 2) this one was particularly good for reasons I’ll go into in a bit. I like the relaxed nature of these events and they have enabled me to shoot the breeze with a number of different creator on various occasions. This has included creators who were there to listen to the talks too which was great to see. People that you don’t tend to see on comics panels at conventions. The talks usually include a diverse group of creators and this one really showed that.

First up was writer CE Murphy who spoke about her experience putting together her comic Take A Chance and crowd-funding on a variety of platforms including the pitfalls of each (of particular interest now that Kickstarter has arrived in Ireland).

The next speaker was the very talented Philip Barrett. He talked about putting together his indie books (including the mechanics of literally putting his books together) and how that process has changed over the years. He also spoke about his influences and how he came upon the kind of books he wanted to do.

After a short break, where people were able to chat amongst themselves and ask the guests questions, we had a talk on the mechanics of writing from Maura McHugh. This included an excellent insight into the process of working with a creative team (the artist, the colourist, the letterer and the editor). Maura quoted Comics and Sequential Art by Will Eisner and Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud (which she said every writer should own).

The last chat was with Paul Bolger who talked about his Hound project. This included his experience trying to get an animated movie together and why that no longer appeals to him, his experience with Kickstarter and led to a further discussion on storytelling (building on the other speakers’ talks).

There was a short Q&A afterwards and we gained some more insight into comic creation and some Kickstarter pitfalls.

Thanks to Lynda E. Rucker and Maura McHugh for putting the event together.

CE Murphy’s website: http://mizkit.com/cemurphy/
Philip Barrett’s website: http://blackshapes.com
Maura McHugh’s website: http://splinister.com
Paul Bolger’s website: http://www.houndthemovie.com
Laydeez Do Comic’s website: http://laydeezdocomics.wordpress.com