NEWS: Death’s New Lease On Life On Sale

From the Death’s New Lease On Life website:

Death’s New Lease On Life is an illustrated novel. Or comic, if you prefer. Graphic novel, even, if that’s your thing. It’s for children. Ostensibly, at least. And it’s about Death. Or, to be more precise, the Grim Reaper. And the need to feel wanted. And penguins. Adelie penguins. So many, many Adelie penguins.

It was written by Brendan O’Connell and illustrated by Fiona Boniwell. It’s 32 pages long and tells the story of how a forlorn Grim Reaper came to a better appreciation of life and, subsequently, you know, himself. It’s funny. And joyous, in it’s own way. And it has penguins. So many, many penguins.

Death’s New Lease On Life taps into children’s fascination with the macabre. But does so with a gentle humour, some lyrical flourishes and a heart-warming story about penguins (have I mentioned the penguins yet?).

So why not get stuck into this tale of a lovable Grim Reaper and a welcoming colony of penguins?

You can buy a copy here.