Webcomic Wednesday: Fox Cat Wolf

Review by Ben Z

Created by Quidditas


FOX CAT WOLF is a webcomic on Tumblr created by Co. Monaghan artist Quidditas. The artist seems to be back working on it after a hiatus and it is one of the bigger webcomics on Tumblr with a loyal readership reading it religiously every time a new story comes out.

The comic consists of three characters a fox, a cat and a wolf, all are different parts of the creators id which they playfully tell stories from the surreal to the more pained. Depression played a large part in its earlier tales but Quidditas seems to be moving away from that recently as the characters take on their own lives or personas.
A theme that goes through the stories and adventures of the main characters is that of not being able to cope with the world around us (something that everyone can relate to at some stage) but usually with the help of the friends around them they seem to be able to stumble through by a kind deed or just taking a moment to remember the greatness of the world/universe around them.
Quidditas seems to have connecting with a large audience and while a lot of the stories are of the ethereal type sometime they can just be enjoyably silly.
Quidditas themselves remains a playful enigma having a fun time joshing with their audience. Such as this Q & A below:

Anonymous asked: gosh could you even be any more wonderful? honestly.

“yes, through rigorous training. unfortunately I have weak lungs and no muscle tone, one vigorous symbolic lunge and my hamstring would snap like a twig in December; I will sit this one out, everyone please continue to better yourselves without me. You are doing beautifully.”

At one stage he/she/they did a Q & A involving animal tarot cards were they dispensed advice to readers through the crazy animal totems! In a nutshell Fox Cat Wolf is a fun comic that makes you think and laugh so what more do you want? Seriously read it.

Faithfully submitted
Ben Z.