Webcomic Wednesday: Superhero Help Desk

Review by Ben Z

Created by Hugo Boylan, Kerrie Smith and Triona Tree Farrell

Website: http://www.superherohelpdesk.com/?comic=training-day-welcome-to-the-helpdesk

Superhero Helpdesk is a webcomic written by Hugo Boylan and Kerrie Smith and drawn by Triona Tree Farrell. The premise is simple – a Superhero (or Supervillain) who is having trouble at their work can call a help line were a Hero or Villain will give them helpful advice about their situation and on occasion pitch in. It’s one of those great ideas for a comic, which you kind of smack yourself on the forehead and go why didn’t I think of that?
image1-2 The idea has great scope that just as easily lends it’s self to the mundanities of the work place to an all out superhero adventure. The comic has being going for a while but it just feels like Boylan, Smith and Farrell are just recently getting into the swing of things. They’ve done the heavy lifting – introducing the characters and explaining the universe and now that the foundation has being finally laid they can now go and have some fun with it.
The cast is nicely rounded out, you have the typical square-jawed hero of Captain Extremo and the cackling villain of Dr. Maniacal with some more quirky people like Diabliana who is a nice mix between supervillain and upper-management. The stories are short but fun and don’t overstay their welcome. Overall it’s a fun comic which is so far fine for all ages to read and of course it’s free. Check out Superhero Helpdesk and see if it’s something that you’d dig. I know I do.
Faithfully submitted
Ben Z.